11/23/2006 Spill-Cure™ Time release
6/4/2007 New location for Ecser Rubber Inc.
5/12/2009 Spill-Cure US patent issued
11/3/2008 Spill-Cure™ Opportunities and Prospects-Asphalt
6/29/2006 A technical description of Spill-Cure™
6/29/2006 New markets and value added uses for scrap tires and scrap rubber.
3/21/2006 New use for tire rubber - Clean up oil spills!
Ecser Holding Corporation 165 East 66th St. New York, NY 10065
Ecser™ is an 'Eco-friendly' innovator in the field of rubber recycling, using a revolutionary non-toxic process to de-vulcanize rubber in a commercially viable manner.
Ecser™ Holding Corp. a US corporation, is a pioneer in the rubber recycling sector with revolutionary technology that has wide ranging effects on the rubber industry, drawing on expertise in rubber technology and chemistry.

Ecser has been able to develop and patent exciting solutions to solve many problems created by waste rubber and tires. Ecser's innovative technology represents a huge shift in how the industry can treat waste streams and turn scrap into savings.

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